Early Epipalaeolithic

Early Epipalaeolithic Occupations 

During the 2010 excavation season, evidence for two hut structures was uncovered. Radiocarbon dates from one structure place the date between 19,400 and 18,800 cal BP. During the 2013 field season we returned to excavate one of these structures. The structure is just over 2 m x 3 m in size and is covered by an organic-rich, black layer containing abundant charcoal fragments, suggesting the huts were burned after abandonment. Situated beneath the burned layer, but on top of the hut floor, are groundstone fragments, red ochre, and articulated aurochs vertebrae. Near the center of the structure are three distinct concentrations of pierced marine shells accompanied by large chunks of red ochre. These concentrations contain over 1,000 shells from both the Mediterranean and Red Seas, imported from up to 270 km away. Evidence for a third structure was found during the 2013 season and continued excavations are planned to expose the extent of these structures.

 Hut 1 cleaning